The Streets Movement Organisation

Community Centre & Gym

The Streets Movement Community Centre and Gym is the hub for our operations and activities. The Nexus Centre at 99 Sheridan Street is open Monday to Friday, from 6am till 9pm and 6am until noon on Saturdays. It’s a safe, shared and communal space where people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds are welcome and invited to come and share experiences, time and / or participate in one of our great range of programs, events and activities. Stay up to date with latest events on The Nexus Centre Facebook page.

The Nexus Centre

The Nexus Centre serves as a community gymnasium, cultural space and drop in space within community for young people. Whilst it’s been designed for engagement with youth, the Nexus Centre is an open space for all of community, with adults encouraged to attend and partake in programs and classes.

Whilst youth are free to attend this space and all its classes, we ask the adults in our community to contribute to the function of the facility, either through membership or donation at the door. This ensures the lights stay on and doors remain open.

There is a boxing, muay thai and fitness classes for all levels along with a number of youth specific classes for different age groups. To stay up to date with the latest news and events being held at The Nexus Centre, please like it on Facebook.

Vision & Purpose

The idea behind this initiative is to provide a common space for all members of the community. A space where the young and old, rich and poor alike can engage with each other through a common and shared medium; with that medium in this instance centred around health, boxing, fitness and culture.

Through a shared and common ground we hope to build links and networks between different sections of the community, to start addressing some of the social issues which afflict the community.

Streets Movement Organisation Founder and CEO Jesse Martin said the centre was the first of its kind in Queensland. “Having greater cultural engagement is what makes this program possible,” he said.

“It’s still work for us, we have to pay the bills, but with help from the community, and from businesses we can help create something better for our youth.”

At The Streets Movement Organisation our ethos is to provide a hand-up to community members, not a hand out. Read more about our vision and past here.

The Move To The City

The Nexus Centre replaces the old Streets Movement Community Centre and Gym, which was located in Bentley Park. The original facility opened in 2010 and at the end of 2015 had welcomed more than 5,000 youth and a host of many others, through its doors.

The original facility served The Streets Movement philosophy well over the years and was one of our most successful community engagement initiatives ever. The move to the city and opening of the larger Nexus Centre on Sheridan Street, allows us to grow and evolve and be able to better serve our fight and meet the needs of our community.

The Streets Movement has always relied on the actions of staunch individuals within the community. People who give their finance, time, knowledge, hearts and so much more for the ideals we represent. A simple thank you does not begin to do these individuals justice, but with their ongoing passion commitment our fight continues.