The Streets Movement Organisation

Our Programs

The Streets Movement Organisation delivers a range of programs, which are provided to youth participants free of charge. They are conducted at our community centre in The Nexus Centre, 99 Sheridan Street Cairns and around the North Queensland region, thanks to ‘pop-up’ events and gyms. Check the below for details of current activities.

International Scholar Initiative

Our new flagship program. An international pathways program which provides students the opportunity to travel abroad to a number of prestigious academic institutions around the globe.

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Community Centre

Free community space, where people can come together to get fit, engage with others and/or participate in a range of classes.

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Guerilla Gym

A mobile ‘pop-up’ gym, which operates in parks and grounds around the region. Made from recycled materials. Free community fitness fun.

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Streets Ahead

Working with high school students around the region, providing mentoring and leadership delivered through boxing.

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Streets Beats

Creating opportunities for connection and development, through music, dance and art. Get involved with gigs, dance classes and more.

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Little Kids Outreach

Engaging with the youngest members of our community, providing games and teaching messages about strength and value.

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Taking It To The Streets

Street programs and initiatives, including basketball and touch football, youth activities, games and more. Inspire action & change.

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Consultation Services

We have the experience, personnel and expertise to provide meaningful and professional community development consultation services for a range of stakeholders and issues.

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Benefits and Function for the Community

The Streets Movement Organisation is about empowering individuals to make positive change in themselves and their world. We do not seek profit from any program or venture. They are provided to participants free of charge and will run for as long as the initiative has enough to survive, and cater for the individuals using it.

Please note we also provide Community Development Consultation services. This not only helps to provide a revenue stream to support the provision of our free community services, it also enables us to share our skills, experience and expertise with others looking to make a change.

Ultimately, the goal is to change mindsets and educate individuals, particularly in those areas where opportunities are severely limited. In turn, the community benefits this organisation offers are for strong and educated citizens, as well as programs which cater for those who are disadvantaged or have limited finance. This is the Streets Movement, fighting today for a better tomorrow.

The Streets Movement Organisation Get Involved

Our programs are constantly evolving, in keeping with our participants, supporters and volunteers. If you have a passion, an idea or a skill and would like to share it with others through The Streets Movement Organisation, then contact us today. We’d love for you to become a part of our fight. Alternatively, if you just want to join a group of like-minded people in a safe, community space of shared learning and activity, then you are welcome to attend our community centre or one of our programmed activities.