The Streets Movement Organisation

The Nexus Initiative

The Nexus Initiative is a community and social impact initiative designed to bridge the divide in community for young people disengaged from positive mentorship, opportunity and education. The project operates as a Social Service and Impact Incubator Hub (SSIIH).

A Place Where People Come Together

The program utilises a Nexus community space where different social groups and programs from across the community come together to enrich a space and provide services for the community. These spaces are run through a joint community collaboration between The Streets Movement, local community groups and grassroots organisations, as well as the corporate sector and Government services.

Utilising the business community from the region, where the space is developed to assist in running costs (i.e. electricity, overheads etc.), in return the donating business have their brand put up within the space and on all relevant promotional material for that relevant Nexus centre as a contributor.

A Sustainable Venture With Real Outcomes

We look to build community-run sustainable ventures where all sectors of the community are involved, from the local business community through to local impact groups and organisations.

The collective impact of the community in providing opportunity and assisting the youth of that community is more holistically focused, rather than solely leaving these determinants to government agencies or larger vested NGO interests, who may be detached from the grassroots of that particular community and its wants and needs.

The Cairns Nexus Initiative was the first of these centres to take hold with programs include Boxing, Dance, Muay Thai, Karate, Homework and Study Space, Cultural classes, TAC Ready courses, work procurement service, Mental Health Programs, School Retention Programs and Youth Disengagement Services all utilising the space at different times throughout the week to provide a community service.