The Streets Movement Organisation

Community Development Consultation

We have a long and proud history of direct program access and grassroots community engagement. With a unique and holistic approach towards community development, the organisation has been able to work collaboratively with numerous stakeholders from international and governmental, through to grassroots community action, to achieve targeted results for the people and communities involved.

Professional Services

We provide a comprehensive and strategic view of how to take on both major and minor development projects which have an impact and bearing on local communities. Through assessing a variety of development factors, with everything from economics, crime prevention and security, through to health, education and sporting development, all areas are taken on in our view and approach towards a comprehensive and holistic take on community development.

Our staff are fully qualified, with a broad range of knowledge. They possess qualifications, tertiary education and training in politics, international relations and community development. Their experience also extends to business, economics and management and ground-level program development, implementation and mentorship.

Our staff are second to none in their approach and professionalism towards the goals set before them and enjoy the difference they are able to make in assisting in meaningful and productive community development initiatives. For more information, please contact