The Streets Movement Organisation

Volunteers and Advocacy

Our changemakers are comprised of proud & passionate community advocates with professional expertise and real experience. These individuals come from all walks of life and bring different skills and ideas to the table; everything they do is underpinned with an unwavering commitment to the people in the community in which they embody the ethos of ‘the fight today for a better tomorrow’.

Jake McEvoy

jakeI joined The Streets Movement (TSM) about half way through 2018. I started Muay Thai when I joined TSM. Thanks to TSM, I have come a long way. I used to hang around in town with the wrong kind of people and get into all kinds of trouble, but thanks to TSM and my Muay Thai team, I have built up my reputation from a nobody to a person that can help you follow your dreams. TSM hasn’t just given me hope, TSM gave me a purpose to chase my dreams. TSM has given me help throughout bad times. I have learnt respect and how to treat people. I am now a kind hearted person full of laughter and joy. I am now a part of Nexus Muay Thai fight team.

Bullio Mills

bullioI joined TSM and Nexus to try Muay Thai. When I walked into the gym I was so happy the people were so welcoming, the trainers helped me get in the class and I have not looked back ever since. Nexus has helped me overcome social anxiety and build up my confidence to get in the ring and have a punch on {my first fight} since I’ve been at Nexus. I have made more friends and started to become more mature; Nexus has put me on a better path to the future. Every day when I go to Nexus I feel like I’m going home, because all the staff, trainers, trainees and people who go there treat me like family. That’s why I love turning up every afternoon.

Karim Mezerani

karimTSM and Nexus means a lot to me. I met a new family and now I can defend myself if I need to, and not only that, I learnt respect and respect in learning. For every kid out there, I would just say don’t be afraid, just do it. Muay Thai is a very good sport and Nexus gave me the opportunity to fight and to put my name out there for Jnr Muay Thai. Not only that, at Nexus I made a lot of friends and have met many different people from all over Cairns city who are just like me, who want a fight in the ring and love the sport and their gym that they train in. TSM and the Nexus gym has taught me to respect all people I see and meet.