The Streets Movement Organisation

Volunteers and Advocacy

TSM is comprised of both proud, passionate community advocates and professional expertise and experience. These individuals come from all walks of life and bring different skills and ideas to the table; everything they do is underpinned with an unwavering commitment to the people in the community in which they encompass and a belief in the ethos of ‘the fight today for a better tomorrow’.

Jake McEvoy

jakeI joined The Streets Movement (TSM) about half way through 2018. I started Muay Thai when I joined TSM. Thanks to TSM, I have come a long way. I used to hang around in town with the wrong kind of people and get into all kinds of trouble, but thanks to TSM and my Muay Thai team, I have built up my reputation from a nobody to a person that can help you follow your dreams. TSM hasn’t just given me hope, TSM gave me a purpose to chase my dreams. TSM has given me help throughout bad times. I have learnt respect and how to treat people. I am now a kind hearted person full of laughter and joy. I am now a part of Nexus Muay Thai fight team.

Bullio Mills

bullioI joined TSM and Nexus to try Muay Thai. When I walked into the gym I was so happy the people were so welcoming, the trainers helped me get in the class and I have not looked back ever since. Nexus has helped me overcome social anxiety and build up my confidence to get in the ring and have a punch on {my first fight} since I’ve been at Nexus. I have made more friends and started to become more mature; Nexus has put me on a better path to the future. Every day when I go to Nexus I feel like I’m going home, because all the staff, trainers, trainees and people who go there treat me like family. That’s why I love turning up every afternoon.

Karim Mezerani

karimTSM and Nexus means a lot to me. I met a new family and now I can defend myself if I need too, and not only that, I learnt respect and respect in learning. For every kid out there, I would just say don’t be afraid, just do it. Muay Thai is a very good sport and Nexus gave me the opportunity to fight and to put my name out there for Jnr Muay Thai. Not only that, at Nexus I made a lot of friends and have met many different people from all over Cairns city who are just like me, who want a fight in the ring and love the sport and their gym that they train in. TSM and the Nexus gym has taught me to respect all people I see and meet.