Our Supporters

We work in partnership with numerous charities, NGOs, and government departments, including the Department of Education, Department of Communities, Department of Sport and Recreation, as well as the Queensland Police Service, in providing diversionary programs for youth in trouble with the law.

We have a number of domestic and international partnerships and engagements with institutions which kindly open their doors to provide our youth with the opportunity to experience another world. Partnership with international financial services firm Grant Thornton is a model example of the corporate and social responsibility taken up by the corporate world. As the national partner of The Streets Movement the organisation holds a particular significance for the organisation.

The fundamental role played out through this partnership ensures that the corporate sector has a vested interest in ensuring positive community development goals and outcomes for our young people. As a national partner Grant Norton provides both local, national and international support for the initiatives carried out by the organisation and ensures a healthy relationship with the social services sector and community. The partnerships which the organisation develops on a local level through to an international level allows for greater outcomes and opportunity for our youth to pursue and fight for a better world tomorrow.

We place great value on the support of the social and corporate responsibility shown by corporate partners as it is only through collaboration and collective effort and action that significant and meaningful change can take place. Building valued partnerships which provide meaningful opportunity and experience for our youth and communities is what our partnerships are about.

Valued Sponsors Organisations and Businesses

  • Grant Thornton
  • Bendigo Bank
  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • NASA
  • The Cairns Institute
  • United Nations
  • Birrung Development


The Grant Thornton Foundation

Our primary sponsor is Grant Thornton, whose continued support has allowed the organisation to work in leaps and bounds across the region. We are most grateful for their ongoing and continued support.Grant Thornton has been a wonderful and valued sponsor who have helped us grow and develop our initiatives at home and abroad. Thankful and proud to have the support of this organisation who have consistently stood with us to go above and beyond.

The Grant Thornton Foundation was launched in October 2014 to build a coordinated approach to charitable giving across Australia. Its vision is to help unlock the potential for growth in communities. It provides financial and mentoring assistance to The Streets Movement Organisation and is proud to be involved with helping them achieve their vision and implement their programs for change.









Get Involved Join The Fight

We are an entirely not-for-profit entity.  Our existence is made possible through donations, non-government funding and the goodwill of the community.  All our programs and initiatives are provided free of cost to all community members, prioritising those who are most in need. We appreciate all forms of assistance, whether giving your time, knowledge or resources, or even having a donation receptacle at your business, you will be contributing to making a change in our world. For more information on how you can get involved, contact adminTSM@thestreetsmovement.org