The Streets Movement Organisation

Streets Ahead

The Streets Ahead program targets a range of students from at risk, through to model students. It provides them with the skills, personal development and confidence to transcend difficult circumstances and move forward with confidence, a sense of purpose, empowerment and wellbeing. The program deals with a range of issues within the school, from violence and substance abuse, to peer pressure, school attendance, social interaction and relationship building, to name a few. How does it work? We engage the students with strong mentoring and physical education, delivered through the medium of boxing.


The outcomes look to provide the students with the mental strength and fortitude, to be able to deal with any challenge which may lay in front of them, from the classroom to their home life. The program is about training and instilling in our youth an attitude and mentality to be able to go out seize the day. To be able to overcome any situation which may lay in front of them, through positive energy and action. In this way, we empower our next generation and educate them to be able to take a stand and go for what they want in life.

The Streets Ahead program was developed by TSM and is now being rolled out at a dozen high schools across the Cairns and Far North Queensland region, in conjunction with the Department of Education.

The Streets Ahead Program A Winning Combination

The Streets Ahead program has proved to be a resounding success, with active student participation rates and real, positive outcomes being achieved, including increased school attendance.