The Streets Movement Organisation

About Us

The Streets Movement is an Indigenous community development organisation which provides programs, pathways and opportunities for the disconnected, forgotten and wayward, helping them re-engage with opportunity, education and community.

The Streets Movement works across three continents, building opportunity for youth through education, pathways and empowerment. All our programs and initiatives are designed to create positive pathways, build capacity and opportunity for those whom need it most. All are underpinned by the primary desire to develop strong, connected and proactive communities, with the ethos of “fighting today for a better tomorrow”.

Not a fight with fists, but a fight of mentality, determination and the will to build ourselves and our communities. A fight to make a difference, by being strong forces for change and being an example of that which we wish to see in our world.

Our History

With humble roots, in what started as a small community centre in south Cairns, we’ve grown into an ideological movement and development. We have extended beyond the North Australian region to around the world.

The delivery is simple. Passionate people, becoming driving forces for change; using the skills they have to give back to their community.

Initially, the founders brought their skills and knowledge of boxing. This is why The Streets Movement began its initial work as a small community centre and gymnasium. A place where young people could come and be together, learn the fighters’ mentality and at the same time, create a brother and sisterhood within the community.

We have expanded over the years. Today we encompass a diverse range of outreach and community programs across multiple continents with everything from sport, academia, music, arts and creative media, business development and human capacity building programs. We run a range of local, national and international programs, from the street and grass roots level, through to regional community programs and state partnered initiatives.

Our Vision & Values

Providing greater opportunity for all through the values of universal human rights, which is founded upon liberty, justice and equity. We utilise the pillars of empowerment, education, economics and culture, to foster strength, resilience, solidarity and conviction to the community. Our ideals are centred around providing opportunity for people and “a hand up, over a hand out”. At TSM we provide pathways for the disconnected, forgotten and wayward, helping them re-engage with opportunity, education and community. How do we do it?

  1. Create awareness of specific needs and utilise available community resources which may be coordinated to provide solutions.
  2. Develop networks of self-driven managed community nexus hubs through the Streets Movement values and direction.
  3. Create an environment for individuals and groups to develop the skills and desire to be a productive force for change.

Who We Are

TSM is a registered Indigenous organisation which assists in building the capacity of our communities in particular an emphasis on young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. TSM works in two streams of this Indigenous community development.

  • We assist our people who face critical hardship including homelessness, contact with the criminal justice system, domestic violence, disengagement from education or pathways, drugs and substance abuse, health issues (both physical and mental health) and in identity.
  • We assist our young change makers and future leaders in providing networks, pathways and opportunities both on a local, national and international level. This is done through education, networks and upskilling of our young Indigenous leaders to create change within community.

Both streams are fundamental to the advancement and growth of communities and in particular Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders society today. The overrepresentation of Indigenous issues pertaining to incarceration, lack of educational opportunity, health, abuse and trauma as well as disempowerment in relation to economics, politics and social standing is why it is imperative TSM conducts its work on two fronts to address these critical issues and advance the outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Priority Areas: Indigenous & Youth

TSM has its attention set within the community development sphere on two priority areas, with those being Indigenous and Youth. TSM looks at building opportunity and initiatives for these key areas through initiatives in Education, Enterprise, Economics and Empowerment (The 4 E’s).

The “4 E’s” have been identified as these are some of the most critical influencing factors in the development of Indigenous people and Youth, hence access to these opportunities is fundamental for any meaningful and lasting impact within community.

The “4 E’s” will also be subdivided into two categories the first being targeted towards individuals in need of urgent support i.e. street level youth, homeless, victims of DV, substance abuse victims etc. Whilst the second will be targeted towards those Indigenous young people whom are excelling and young change makers but lack opportunity due to their geographic location, financial standing or other contributory factors (i.e. community politics etc.).

Our Two Primary Endeavours

The Nexus Initiative and the MI Experience will be the flagship endeavours of the organisation now with two distinct and very different approaches but both still tackling issues around lack of opportunity within community. After successful trials in Cairns, the Nexus Initiative will operate as a social incubator hub, with the premise of providing local grassroots entities and groups with the infrastructure and logistical support to be able to generate a social impact. These centres will ensure that community groups have a place to consistently utilise and call home. In turn, they can go onto create social change and empowerment for their own communities. Organisations and groups working or utilising this space will also have mentorship provided around their organisational development and assistance in capacity building.

The MI-Experience operates as a cross cultural and international exchange initiative, designed to provide opportunity to Indigenous students from regional and remote areas. Partnering with institutions and organisations around the world, participants fly out to experience what a path in their respective interests can lead too. The idea behind this initiative is to link local and international communities sharing experiences, culture, networks and knowledge to be able to inspire and create a drive and spark for creating change as an individual and for the community.