The Streets Movement Organisation

Mulumulung International Scholar Initiative

The Mulumulung International Scholar Initiative is our new flagship program. It is an international pathways program which provides students the opportunity to travel abroad to a number of prestigious academic institutions around the globe. We have agreements in Asia, America and Europe with Oxford and Cambridge. Students can apply from around Australia.

The Mulumulung International Scholar Initiative | How Does It Work?

The initiative is a national program taking applicants from all over Australia and providing them the opportunity of a lifetime; to be able to engage with higher educational institutes across Europe, Asia and the United States.

Participants will travel to their selected regions for a period of time and experience the full range of academic potential and opportunity which exists within this field. Upon return to Australia, participants will have the opportunity to either engage further with international institutions, or link into fantastic higher education institutions closer to home.

Upon commencement of higher studies, participants will be linked with jobs and internships within their chosen field with some of the largest companies in the world pertaining to their academic pathway. Upon completion of their studies, students will walk straight into a job with the company in which they completed their internship or prior job experience. In this way, the pathways program sees a full journey from student to chosen career at home and abroad.