The Streets Movement Organisation

Taking It To The Streets

TSM is all about fighting today for a better tomorrow. Providing pathways for connection, social engagement and development, for those at risk in our community. Providing them with a ‘hand up’.

We Come To You

Other than having the Community Centre, which provides people with a place to come and visit, we find the best way to engage and provide real change and opportunity, is to take our programs ‘to the street’. Taking It To The Streets is the branch of our activities which does just that.

We take our mentors and volunteers on the road.  We are agents of change. We don’t wait for those who need us to come to us, we go to them. The Streets programs and initiatives include basketball and touch football, youth activities and games, community action groups as well as events for the people.

These programs are in place to provide opportunity, help, support and engagement.  We organize the action and make it happen. The teams and activities are open to everyone who wants to get involved and like all of The Streets Movement activities, it’s free to participate.