The Streets Movement Organisation

Providing A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out

The Streets Movement Organisation is a community development organisation delivering social development through the implementation of community programs worldwide.  It utilises the pillars of education, sport, economics and culture, to foster strength, resilience, solidarity and conviction to the community.  Our ideals are centered around providing empowerment and a hand up, rather than just a hand out.

Our People

Are proud, passionate community defenders and campaigners. We have an unwavering commitment to make a change for our people.

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Our Partners

People who care. Businesses, charities, NGO’s and government departments. People who want to help make a change. People like you.

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Consultation Services

We share our knowledge, skills and experience through our community development consultation.

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Join The Fight

We need you. You can help join our fight today, for a better tomorrow, by donating, your time, your ideas, your resources or your cash.

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Our Vision Statement

Providing greater opportunity for all through the values of universal human rights, which is founded upon liberty, justice and equality.

At The Streets Movement Organisation, we provide pathways for the disconnected, forgotten and wayward, helping them re-engage with family, education and community. How do we do it?

  1. Create awareness of specific needs and utilise available community resources which may be coordinated to provide solutions.
  2. Develop networks of self-driven managed community nexus hubs through the Streets Movement values and direction.
  3. Create an environment for individuals and groups to develop the skills and desire to be a productive force for change.

The Past Present and Future

The Streets Movement Organisation was founded by Jesse Martin in 2007. Jesse grew up on the south side of Cairns and through a desire to do more in life, created the concept of the Streets Movement ideology. The Streets Movement Organisation was developed initially as his way of giving back to his local community, but as time would show, became much bigger than any one man. But, let’s start at the beginning.

The Past

Growing up on the south side of Cairns, Jesse and his mates, like youths everywhere, faced many challenges. They can be financial, personal, emotional and/or domestic. It’s what you do with them. How you overcome them that defines who you are, which is why the numerous hardships in play only helped to create the fighters’ mentality and strong ideology of the Streets Movement vision.

For Jesse and his crew, a great release was provided in the form of boxing training, which was provided free of charge from a hard working Gordonvale man. It was nothing formal. It was one man, just giving back to his community. However, due to extenuating circumstances, this kind hearted individual had to leave the region. The boxing was shut down and Jesse and some of the others were left without an outlet.

This well and truly could of been the end, until one night Jesse’s father put a question to him which changed everything. It was his light bulb moment. The question was: “What have you done?” What have you done to make a change, for yourself or anyone else?

That was the beginning of change for Jesse and the Streets Movement was born. “I had been given knowledge and I had been given skills. I was given a purpose in the world.”

“The idea was born for me to be able to give back, to use my little bit of knowledge about boxing and fighting and to give back. It was not much, but it was a start.”

From there, it was taking an idea and making it happen. Jesse decided to use the knowledge and skills he had, which was boxing, to give back to his community. To help make change for other youngsters. To do for them, what had been done for him, and it all started with the community centre in Bentley Park.

“We saw building the community centre as a way of providing social justice and equality. We try to provide that space, that outlet that we were provided as youth. We figured if we built this, we were providing that opportunity that we were given.”

“My fight, as idealistic at it sounds, was for a better community and for a better world. In due course, we were able to build a community centre. A community gym.”

The centre opened in 2010 and to the end of 2015, had seen over 5,000 youth walk through its doors and use this community service.

The Present

The Streets Movement Organisation is stronger than ever. Its initial platform of providing free boxing lessons in a shared community space has grown and evolved, along with the people who have joined the fight, their knowledge and ideas.

Today, The Streets Movement Organisation bases its head office, community centre and gym at The Nexus Centre, 99 Sheridan Street in Cairns city. We continue to run numerous community and grass roots programs which include working with local street youth, ground level training in various areas across the Cairns region (the guerrilla gym initiative), dance initiatives, music endeavours and programs, basketball clinics, juvenile justice programs, community centres, as well as school based classes, which encourage youth and the community in general to take up a stronger and more positive outlook toward their future.

Our purpose and aim remain the same, to create opportunity for the disconnected, forgotten and wayward. Using self-belief, worth and the idea that individuals can make the change, not only in their own lives, but in that of their community and world.

The Streets Movement ideology of ‘fighting today for a better tomorrow’, is intertwined into all of the current initiatives, based on the principle of individuals using the fight within themselves to push for a better life.

The fight is recognisable as being inside every individual and their fight to be a better man or woman than what they were yesterday. This kind of strong mental drive and unrelenting will is preached to all individuals who take part in any Streets Movement project, with our ultimate goal to give people the mentality they need, to make their lives and those around them a better place.

Hard work, dedication, persistence, resilience, education and standing up for what is right are all valued lessons in the ideological push of the organisation. With these at their disposal, not only the youth but all who partake in these initiatives, will have the strength to be the change they wish to see in this world.

“Our roots have come from fighting and it is through this, we have formulated our world view. Using the fight and struggle within to make our world a better place. We began with boxing, but have gone well beyond its borders and into new areas of opportunity for all people.” – Jesse Martin, Founder, The Street Movement Organisation.

The Future

To continue to grow and fight for a better tomorrow, for this community and all disconnected, forgotten and wayward individuals and communities around the region, country and world.

The Streets Movement Organisation is dedicated to the social development and advancement of society, giving opportunities for communities. We went from a community centre, to working on the streets and at high schools, all the way through to international engagement and gracing the halls of the United Nations with our message in New York, USA.

We strive to change attitudes and mindsets within the community to stand up and do more, take more of a proactive role in community responsibility and create opportunities for community development and growth. We will achieve this through the development and implementation of community based programs, which allow those individuals with nothing, to be able to take part in constructive, uplifting and educational initiatives.

Ultimately, providing opportunity for communities is the primary goal of the organisation in its fight for a better world. This will continue today, tomorrow and in the future.