The Streets Movement Organisation

The MI-Experience

The MI-Experience is a cross cultural and educational experience for young Indigenous change makers from regional and remote areas of Australia. The initiative is a flagship endeavour of the organisation, it is an international academic and leadership experience platform designed to provide career, academic and leadership experiences to the emerging leaders of tomorrow.

What's The Purpose?

The purpose of the MI-Experience initiative is to provide educational opportunities, pathways and inspiration to Indigenous youth, particularly those living in regional and remote areas of Australia. It is a scholarly experience, providing the opportunity to build real world relationships and gain access to new networks and ideas in international institutions which are amongst the top institutions in the world (in their respective fields). MI-Experience provides students the opportunity to not only experience a new professional culture and life but also to build an appreciation of the pursuit of life and potentially world changing goals.

The program is built to inspire and light a metaphorical ‘fire’ within our student cohort, showing them what can be achieved with hard work, dedication and a sense of purpose. After the international experience, students who wish to pursue their studies will be pro-actively networked and linked into universities or pathways programs across the country. The intent of the MI-Experience is to ensure that students obtain real outcomes and an experience like none other.

Who Is Eligible To Participate?

The program is accessible for Indigenous students between the ages of 16 and 21 from regional and remote areas across Australia. The Mulumulung (moo-loo-moo-long) International Experience or the MI-Experience takes groups of selected indigenous students from across Australia (however with a particular emphasis on regional and remote areas) to the prestigious academic, political and social institutions around the world.

Participants will experience an empowering journey which will have them experience and take part at institutions (relevant to their career paths and interests) such as Oxford, Cambridge Universities, partake in the film industry experience in Los Angeles, or social and political experience with engagement at the United Nations.

The program looks to assist in building and empowering the next generation of young leaders and change makers. By providing an experience such as this and assisting to build international networks, pathways and experience the MI-Experience looks to write a strong positive narrative for young Indigenous men and women as they build the future of the nation.