The Streets Movement Organisation

Little Kids Outreach Program

The Little Kids Outreach Program has been designed solely for the younger kids in our community. Suitable for kids aged 4 years old and upwards, this program uses fun games and challenges, to help further their social development and personal growth.

What's it all about?

The ‘classes’ are fully hosted by TSM and are held throughout the week at our Community Centre. Participants are encouraged to actively engage in all manner of training and sports, which are made predominantly into ‘games’, so as to keep the little peeps engaged and interested during the class.

The Little Kids Outreach program and classes are all about fun and helping to teach the kids positive strong messages along the way. Like all of our programs, they are free of charge and everyone is welcome to attend and participate in our fun, safe and inclusive social environment.

“We like to be like big brothers, teaching the little kids; providing a safe space to hang out and connect with others.” – Jesse Martin, Founder, The Street Movement Organisation.