The Streets Movement Organisation

Streets Beats

Streets Beats is all about the beat, of the drum. This is an extension program of TSM and through the Streets Beats initiative, we hold monthly, community, hip hop nights. These community events, coupled with guerrilla gigs and dance classes within the community, provide a strong framework for community participation into the music and hip hop culture.

How Does It Work?

So, what’s it all about? It’s a community program that creates a connection and social development space for the artistically inclined. It strives to promote music and self-expression, namely Hip-Hop and an Urban lifestyle, as an outlet and form of creative expression in Far North Queensland, whilst creating opportunities through music, dance and art.

This program targets primarily (although not exclusively) youth, to get them engaged with a creative medium of music, with hip hop and its culture being a primary source of this attention.

We hold community hip hop nights once a month, which give people the chance to get up on a stage and show off their talent, no matter what stage they are at, beginner or advanced. These hosted events also allow participants to show each other their latest moves, creating a supportive and inclusive self-development environment.