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The Mulumulung International Scholar Initiative is an experience that lasts a lifetime. What we have learnt, through facilitating this program, is that young people have to feel, live and really experience what change and inspiration looks like. You cannot be what you cannot see. Through the support of Grant Thornton, TSM has been able to provide a program that really exposes young minds to the possibilities of the world. Below are some thoughts, from participants of the inaugural MI-Experience.

Shanna David

shanna I was schooling at Trinity Bay State High School when I was chosen to attend the Mulumulung International Scholar Program. To me, the trip meant so much and impacted me significantly. Not only has it bettered my perspective towards the big wide world, but I have gained knowledge and understanding about studying abroad through Vincent’s teachings. I also learnt so much from all the amazing people who we visited on the trip. By them sharing their stories and advice, I was able to get an idea of what it was like studying in a different country to Australia, and how much of a difference tertiary education can make.

For me personally being in such prestigious places meant that I had to step out of my comfort zone, and come to the realisation that I was no longer in Cairns. It meant that I was there for a reason and that being in that space and time meant I was moving on to bigger better things for myself. It gave me hope that I was going back home to share and make changes to the community with the support and help I have gained on the trip.

Also, most importantly to me as an indigenous woman standing on the ground in Britain where the colonisers from before once lived was emotionally unsettling but also taught me a lot about myself and indigenous history. I was able to overcome my beliefs and assumptions about the country, and grow into a more open minded person.

After the trip I had a wild array of things I wanted to study, I wanted to live my life as a refreshed individual, and share what I could with the community. However being in the sense of mind, meant that I came back wanting to travel the world more! So in the immediate future, I have decided to travel as much as I can to experience more before I enrol in study. Travel really lets me learn more about who I really am. In order to do, so I got a new job.

The Mulumulung experience has given me the confidence to go out and plan, find work and travel. At the moment I have a part time job and plan to set off to West Coast of America, Japan, and different parts of Australia. Once I am done, I am interested in studying a variety of subjects such in environmental science, marine biology or zoology. My aspirations at the moment is to be a part of stabilising the environment and help prevent the irreversible changes that may be coming. Living in beautiful Far North Queensland I want to maintain its natural beauty and fauna. Also eventually educate and get the whole community to be involved with saving our precious land and see changes. I would like Grant Thornton and TSM to know this experience changed my life, thank you.

Che Taylor

che When I applied for the Mulumulung International Scholar Initiative, I had just arrived in Cairns from living in WA/NT my entire life and was attending Cairns State High school. But while I was applying, I left school with dreams to work more hours at my current job, while studying through open Universities online.

Growing up I never lived in big cities where “opportunities were everywhere”. I was born in Alice Springs and moved to Geraldton on the coast of WA when I was quite young. Both small community driven towns, not many dreams or dream chasers and not many role models to motivate myself to go far in life. Cairns is the biggest city I’ve lived in and then going overseas for the first time on this trip expanded my expectations about what my future could behold. I love my small towns, but I’ve always known in the back of my mind that I’m too ‘big’ for them, my goals my dreams needed a bigger playing field.

This trip was more than a trip for me. It was like a metamorphosis stage of my life, being surrounded by people whose dreams were as big as my own was inspiring. It showed me that you can come from nothing and achieve it all and I realised the only person holding me back was myself. This trip showed me I can do anything I can set my mind to, it helped me pursue my talent for public speaking, it showed me how much of a role model I am to other people and how big my influence stretches, it showed me you need to surround yourself with positivity and the right people because it pushes you to become the real you.

Two years have passed and I’m still living in Cairns, although moving to Adelaide in the very near future I hope to spread my influence and hope to others I meet. As any young mind my aspirations have bounced around from career to career I couldn’t even name them all, I feel like to truly find what you love, you need to pursue as many different things as you can and after two years of online studying, University, gaining life experience I’ve found what I want to do (at least until I find a new inspiration).

One day my dream is to own my own successful Cafè, build it from the ground up and run it myself, help as many people I can along the way with jobs, experience, good coffee and hear their stories. When that’s all set up and I have good money behind me, I’d love to be able to study to be a paramedic, with hopefully the money earner from the coffee shop helping people in another form.I guess helping people is my calling. Thank you TSM and Grant Thornton for providing such an amazing opportunity.

Stanley Nona

Stanley When I applied for the Mulumulung trip I was a year 11 student attending Peace Lutheran College, Cairns. I am from Badu Island, Torres Straight and the furthest I had travelled was Papua New Guinea and Sydney. When I was sitting the interviews for the program at the Grant Thornton office, I didn’t think I had much of a chance of getting in. But I did and it really made
my year memorable.

I remember my boarding friends thinking that I was joking when I said that I was going to Cambridge and Oxford, even my teachers were amazed. Overall the trip meant a lot to me and was my first real trip overseas. I learnt so much even
before I had left. The experience of travel alone and seeing amazing places with so much history taught me so much. Going to some of the museums was really eye opening, we were so far away from home and yet some of the pieces were made gifted by my uncles back home in Badu. The history and teachings from Vincent were also a highlight, I especially learnt so much about our unique place in the world as young indigenous people and how much we can do to teach others.

Since the trip I have completed high school. I changed my path, I was doing vocational studies through school but change and have now graduated and am currently gaining a qualification at Tafe with the aspirations of getting qualified in a trade and working hard to build up enough capital to start my own business, here in Cairns and back in Badu.

This trip showed me I can do anything, now I look back at that interview at Grant Thornton and think yes I can do whatever set my mind on. We made so many great connections with other people in the UK on the trip and I have learnt that it really is the people and community that you surround yourself with that make a great difference to who you are.

Thank you Grant Thornton and TSM for providing this platform for me to learn from, I will never forget it.

Taylor Naumann

taylorThe Mulumulung scholarship program gave me the opportunity to go overseas to the UK, it was an opportunity that I now wish can be offered to every Indigenous Australian. It was an incredible experience to not only provide insight into myself as an Aboriginal woman, but into my culture and with how much we had to evolve. So going to their home environment led me to think more about myself and of the past of my people. It also made me believe in myself more and because most Indigenous people do not continue their education outside of high school it made me see that opportunities like this being offered could change that.

Victoria Blundell

victoriaThe Mulumulung International Scholar Initiative has by far been the most incredible forum I have ever been part of, and gave me and my new delegate friends an opportunity to view Indigenous issues from a different perspective. I experienced feelings I have never delved into before, regarding connection to land, culture and language.

Seeing how history is displayed differently in England than Australia was by far the most interesting, shocking most of us to our core. I am forever grateful for this trip; it was incredibly personal. I could stand side by side with my proud Indigenous sisters and discuss things in depth I’ve never been able to discuss freely or proudly before.

The Mulumulung experience helped me find my connection, to further my want and need to investigate my history, and brought me to the most strong Indigenous women I have ever met. Thank you to Grant Thornton and TSM and Nalisa and Vincent for keeping us safe, educated and excited.