The Streets Movement Organisation

How You Can Help

TSM is an entirely not-for-profit entity.  Its existence is made possible through donations, grants and the goodwill of the community.  All our programs and initiatives are provided free of cost to all community members.  We appreciate all forms of assistance, whether giving your time, knowledge or resources, you will be contributing to making a change in our world.

Our Vision

Providing greater opportunity for all through the values of universal human rights, which is founded upon liberty, justice and equity.

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Our Programs

Diverse range for all ages, including boxing and fitness, dance, music art, zumba and more. At our venue, in the schools and on the streets.

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How You Can Help

We welcome individuals and businesses to help our cause, with the provision of your ideas, your time, your strength and support.

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Donate Today

The success and continuation of our programs and activities is completely reliant on donations. We thank you for your generosity.

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TSM is an organisation dedicated to social development, community advancement and providing opportunity. TSM provides pathways for the disconnected, forgotten and wayward, helping them re-engage with family, education and community. This is done through:

  1. Create awareness of specific needs and utilise available community resources which may be coordinated to provide solutions.
  2. Develop networks of self-driven managed community nexus hubs through the Streets Movement values and direction.
  3. Create an environment for individuals and groups to develop the skills and desire to be a productive force for change.

With a philosophy based on the idea of a “hand up, rather than a hand out” the ideology of the Streets Movement is “fight today for a better tomorrow”.

TSM | Monetary Donations

Our existence and ability to deliver programs is entirely dependent upon the financial support and donations of others. Your support enables us to provide our services and programs to those who need it most, free of charge. Donations can be made directly to us and are gratefully received through PayPal, please see details below.

Alternatively, if you are a business and would like come on board as a corporate sponsor, or to even have a donation box for us at your counter, then please contact us today and we can easily drop one around.

The Streets Movement Organisation Ideas, Volunteering & Participation

What gives us hope every day is walking in and seeing new people and new kids. New people giving assistance to younger ones. We’re all connected by this idea, this philosophy that together, maybe this youth may go to help another and so on and so forth. This is fighting for our community in a new way, it’s the power of our ideas fighting for our community. If you have an idea about how to help make change, whether it’s through a program, resources, volunteering your skills or even participating to help us set up our programs on the streets, then we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Jesse today on