The Streets Movement Organisation

Volunteers and Advocacy

The Streets Movement Organisation is comprised of proud, passionate community defenders and campaigners. They come from all walks of life and bring different skills and ideas to the table; everything they do is underpinned with an unwavering commitment to the people in their community and the fight today for a better tomorrow.

Jesse T Martin

jesse“What is important is the individual standing up and doing more. As the collective must stand for the individual, the individual must stand for the collective, this is the idea of community responsibility. Taking what you know and giving that back.” Jesse T Martin is the founder of the Streets Movement Organisation. Founding the organisation in response to being left without an outlet or place in the community, the organisation grew from just a young man’s idea, into a thriving and vibrant community movement which consists of many different peoples, cultures, nationalities and faiths. The idea of belonging and solidarity, to help stand for others and provide a hand up rather than just a hand out, was central to the ideological push of the movement, which in turn evolved into the organisation which exists today. As an Indigenous Australian, Jesse grew up in a world of political and social activism which may indeed have been a defining factor in planting the seeds of what would one day become the idea of the Streets Movement. Whilst attending University, Jesse worked for the movement, putting in long hours to ensure there was enough rent money for the community centre which had grown by this point into a community institution from which many youths now called home. After graduating from University, he put his efforts wholly and solely towards the growth of the organisation, the spreading of its message and a positive impact for the community. Jesse T Martin is today the CEO of this organisation and has been able to spread its message from a forgotten suburb in South Cairns to around the globe today.

Ali Henley

Ali Henley“I give back because it’s what I believe in and I feel I am making my community a better place.”

Ali Henley is the architect behind the Guerrilla Gym and a community advocate. He runs programs throughout the week, involved in physical health and fitness.

Michael Sariman

Michael Sariman“I’m with the Streets Movement because it’s a home and what I believe in.”

Michael Sariman is a program manager, youth mentor and combat trainer with the Streets Ahead Schools Initiative. He is helping youth get on track and helping provide some guidance at a complex point in their lives.

Lucas Carmody

Lucas Carmody“I’m here because it’s the right thing and something I am fortunate enough to share with the world.”

Lucas Carmody is a business development manager and sporting outreach advocate, helping people in remote Aboriginal communities with little to no sporting opportunities, partake in social and athletic competition.

Damien “Deebo” Boneham

streets1-107“It’s a great thing to give back and help out in something that I am good at.”

Damien “Deebo” Boneham is an instructor taking boxing classes for women’s groups and kids on the streets of the community.