The Streets Movement Organisation

Programs, pathways and opportunities

The Streets Movement Organisation is a community development organisation which provides programs, pathways and opportunities for the disconnected, forgotten and wayward, helping them re-engage with family, education and community. Utilising the guiding virtues of liberty, justice and equality as a path towards providing community development opportunities around the world.

Who We Are

A community development charity by the people, for the people. We’re committed, passionate and we care.

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What We Do

Build strength and create pathways of social development and change, through our range of outreach programs.

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Where We Do It

Our head office is on Sheridan Street, Cairns. We operate around the region and take our message to the world. Timetable of events.

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How You Can Help

We need your power, strength and ideas. Most importantly, we need you and your time, to help change our world. Join our fight today.

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With humble roots, in what started as a small community centre in south Cairns, we’ve grown into an ideological movement and development organisation, which has extended beyond the North Australian region around the world. The vision is lofty. To build strong communities and provide greater opportunity for all, built on the values of liberty, justice and equality.

The delivery is simple. Passionate people, becoming agents of change; using the skills they have to give back to their community. Initially, the founders brought their skills and knowledge of boxing. This is why the Streets Movement began as a small community centre and gymnasium.  A place where young people could come and be together, learn the fighters’ mentality and at the same time, create a brotherhood within the community.

We try to play the smart big brother, especially to the younger kids and teenagers. We sit them down and have a chat to them, helping through their issues to get them thinking straight again. We do free youth classes each night during the week. Kids can come in off the street and use their aggression here in the boxing ring.” – Jesse Martin, Founder, The Street Movement Organisation.

The Streets Movement Organisation runs street level and grass roots programs, which are designed to create opportunity for those with none. What started as boxing classes, has expanded to include a diverse range of outreach and community programs including dance, music, art, basketball and touch football.

They are underpinned by a primary desire, to fight today for a better tomorrow. Not a fight with fists, but a fight of minds and determination. A fight to make a difference, by being agents of change, by turning up every day and not being beaten.

The Streets Movement went from a community centre, to working on the streets and at high schools, all the way through to international engagement and gracing the halls of the United Nations, in New York city, with our message.

You have the power to change things, you have the power to stand up and give back. If you want to change the world and your community, then you can be the agent of change. – Jesse Martin.

At The Streets Movement Organisation, we fight today for a better tomorrow. Join us and help make our community stronger.